✧˖° Welcome to the Chiaki Fan Club! °˖✧

All About Puffin!

Age: Late 20's
Pronouns: She / Her
Birthday: August 21st
Sign: Leo ♌︎
Sexuality: Disaster Bi
Status: Engaged!♡
Location: USA

Job: Freelancer
Alignment: Neutral Good

Are you attempting to *know* me?

Well you're in luck, cause this page has everything you need to know! ^^

My name's Puffin Aardwolf, or just Puffin for short! Yes, like the bird! Except I'm not a bird, I'm an aardwolf! That's a species of hyena. (It's real, I promise! Look it up!)

I live in an apartment with my partner (now fiance!) of 11 years, William and our beloved cat-daughter Kila! We have a lovely little life together.

I pay the bills by doing various types of freelancing, including streaming, art, and writing.


Plushies, figures, any sort of little toy, foxes, my beloved cat Kila, early 2000's stuff, pink, survival games, summer, swimming, picnics, stargazing, cozy blankets, friendship bracelets, slime, ASMR, talking about my hyperfixations (especially Danganronpa)


People who fucking suck (terfs, transphobes, bigots, racists, etc.), mean people, anyone who doesn't like Chiaki (jk jk), hangnails, wet socks, the crushing weight of existence


Cooking & baking, birdwatching, drawing my silly little guys, consuming Danganronpa fan content, watching deep dive videos, getting invested in internet drama that doesn't concern me, hoarding merch of whatever happens to transfix me at the moment, daydreaming about what it would be like if Kila could talk, sparklewolf roleplay (sadly on hiatus)

Current Interests

Danganronpa (all games, everything), Baldur's Gate 3, Spy x Family, Rain Code, Yakuza 0, Hatsune Miku / Vocaloid in general, that weird vending machine isekai