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Entry #1 - 9.30.2023

Status: Drained but hopeful
Song of the Day: Rock Bottom - Misterwives

My first diary entry. Yay! Oh boy. What does one even write in a diary, let alone a (semi) public diary?

Things have been not-the-best around here lately honestly. Mentally, I'm struggling hardcore. Though I'm 100% dedicated to pushing through this and I know I'll feel better in time, wading through whatever this mental low is has really been the rock bottom of my 2023.

That's actually part of why I've been so dedicated to working on this website. I feel like I finally have something to really pour my focus into that isn't streaming or art (two things that I love, but that are very tied to my sense of self worth), and having a little side project is definitely giving me more energy.

It's actually kind of neat how quickly I was able to remember, "Oh this is how you do that!" coding-wise with just a little memory jog. After years of cobbling together petpages on Neopets, I'm glad the knowledge hasn't completely been lost to time.

Anyway. Besides web development, my parents came to visit today to talk some wedding stuff and check out a new beer hall that opened in a nearby town. The food was just okay ($14 for a plate of subpar nachos? Yikes!) but the beer was great. They had offerings from some breweries I hadn't had since I lived in Boston, which was nice. Always fun to see less common stuff on a tap list.

Played a few games after that. Right now my mood swings are making it a little tough to be social but we had a good time. Wil won Clue and Uno... AGAIN! I keep saying I'll get him next time but I never do!